Sham 69 & Chris Ramsey

Well it’s been a busy week for us here at Simon J. Newbury Photography! I’m pleased to say we are due to receive our bespoke wedding albums from Italy ready in time for Christmas! We also have our event albums on their way. All the books have been lovingly designed by Tina and its a good feeling when they are with the printers in good time to meet the Christmas deadline.

We’ve got the first of our family photo days out of the way. We had a good time at Nantwich Town on Sunday and have loads of lovely photos. Our next family, kids and pets photo day will be held in Crewe at Via Dance Studios on Middlewich Street. It will be on Sunday 9th December and places are still available and can be booked now! You can get prints or canvasses and they will all be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas!

Music Promo Photography in Cheshire: Sham 69

Sham 69 Promo image

Meanwhile Simon has been down at the Box for a photoshoot with Sham 69 followed by photographing their show. A great gig once again! Tina is at the Box every Friday photographing all the local bands!

Cheshire Comedian Portrait Photography in Cheshire

Chris Ramsey Portrait

After Sham 69 it was on to the Civic Hall in Nantwich for the Feeling Lucky Tour with Chris Ramsey. Chris was in Nantwich last year and Simon was there to photograph the show and do a portrait shoot. Since then Chris has gone on to star in a host of comedy shows and has starred as the lead in the BBC sitcom Hebburn.

The Urban Portrait project is still underway with a book planned in the new year. you can always check out the latest info about the project at the dedicated website: