Family Photography: Rosie

Family Photography Clients: Tess & Rosie
Location: Queens Park, Crewe, Cheshire
Photographer: Simon J. Newbury

 Family Photography: Rosie

With the wonderful colours that comes with autumn it makes for great location photography. As well as studio style photoshoots we offer location shoots. Tess opted for a shoot in the wonderful Queens Park in Crewe. Queens Park boasts so many great locations and we are able to get a good range of images.

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Wedding Photography: Crown Hotel Nantwich – Kathryn & Simon

Clients: Kathryn & Simon
Venue: The Crown Hotel Assembly Room, Nantwich, Cheshire
Photographers: Simon J. Newbury, Tina Newbury

 Wedding Photography: Crown Hotel Nantwich – Kathryn & Simon

We were back in Nantwich recently for another wedding at the historic Crown Hotel Assembly Room for the wedding of Kathryn and Simon. It was an intimate wedding in the wonderful surroundings of the historic Nantwich Hotel. After the wedding ceremony the guests mingled upstairs before the main reception in the evening in the ceremony room. The historic building is over 400 years old and maintains a good deal of its original features (including the wonderful wonky staircase!) and makes for a great location for wedding ceremonies.

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New Website Launch

We have been working on a brand new website behind the scenes and are now very pleased to announce that our main photography website is now live.

We recently launched a brand new dedicated website for our wedding photography and we also have a dedicated site for our Urban Portraits. All sites are now live and all part of the Simon J. Newbury online family!

The new site has all the galleries that our old site had as well as a new offers page where we will be running regular photography special offers. We have also added some share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus so you can share your favourite photos with your friends!

We really hope you enjoy the new site!

Simon J. Newbury Photography

Simon J. Newbury Wedding Photography

Urban Portraits by Simon J. Newbury Photography

Aimee Winter Portraits

Although the snow meant problems on the roads it is always a good opportunity for us photographers to get some special photos. I had planned to work with Aimee on an Urban Portrait and we had agreed to wait until there was some snow about. It was certainly worth the wait!

As well as the planned Urban Portrait we wanted to do some winter portraits out in the snow in Alsager. The results were very pleasing. It was certainly a chilly shoot but worth braving the cold!!

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

Winter Portrait of Aimee in Alsager, Cheshire

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Portraits & Weddings – Review of the Year

Well its been a good year on both the wedding and portrait photography fronts. It’s great getting to meet well known people and quite often celebrities make for good portraits because they must be posing all the time!

Portrait Photography, celebrity portraits

Main Image: Jonny Brain (Goalkeeper). Top Left: Chris Ramsey (Comedian). Bottom Left: Michael Dixon (Actor). Top Right: Beth Tweddle (Gymnast). Bottom Right: Dorsey Levins (American Footballer).

Among some of the faces we have made portraits of this year are: Tim Wonnacott (BBC Bargain Hunt), Richard O’Brien (Crystal Maze), Chris Ramsey (Hebburn), Perry Fenwick (Eastenders), Daniel Ilabaca (Freerunner), Right Said Fred, Dorsey Levens (Green Bay Packers Superbowl Winner), Beth Tweddle (GB Olympic medalist), Eddie Izzard, Dion Dublin, Steve Claridge, Tony Christie, Guy Garvey (Elbow), Darren Fletcher (Man Utd), Andros Townsend (Tottenham Hotspur), Kevin Painter (Darts), Steve Beaton, Colin Lloyd, Michael Dixon (actor), Rebecca Pitkin (Actress), Jonny Brain (goalkeeper), Charlotte Bradbury (swimmer), Ed Miliband, Yvette Cooper MP and Alan Johnson MP.

But, as I always say, I love making portraits of non celebrities far more. An example of this is the Urban Portrait project. Other than the Sherborne Regeneration Project I undertook with Cruden and Wulvern the Urban Portrait has become my biggest project to date. It never really started as a project but which I did the first portrait and showed it to people the popularity was immense. Before I knew it I had a raft of volunteers wanting to be in an Urban Portrait, and the project was born! I am really loving working on the project and held a successful exhibition back in July. I was really flattered to get a foreword to the project from renowned rock photographer Ian Tilton. Talks are currently underway to turn the project into a book of 53 portraits. We also have a dedicated site

It has also been a busy year of wedding photography. Tina and I have been lucky to attend a wonderful array of weddings and get to some new venues as well as a few we have photographed at before. We were really pleased to get all our bespoke wedding books over from Italy and delivered to our clients in good time for Christmas. A few of the new venues we photographed at this year include: Wincham Hall, Northwich, Soughton Hall, Flintshire, Old Hall, Madeley, Haslington Hall, Cheshire, Bangor-On-Dee Racecourse, Reaseheath, Nantwich, and St. Oswalds Church, Bickley. We’ve got quite a few weddings booked in for next year and room for more!!

We have plans to launch a dedicated website to our wedding photography in early 2013! We’ll keep you posted!

Interception Promo Photography

We recently took a booking from Crewe band Interception. They wanted a set of band images for promotional purposes. They came up with an idea to shoot at a scrapyard in Sandbach which has, of all things, an old Russian aircraft!

Needless to say such an interesting visual landscape led to a great shoot and some really interesting photos!

The images are very akin to the Urban Portrait project. We have managed to photograph several bands now in the Urban Portrait style, and indeed it was this that inspired the shoot with Interception! We’ve done similar shoots with Son Of Shinobi (which appeared on their album artwork) and Human Condition.

The book idea has had a few changes. Initially it had been hoped to produce the book in time for Christmas but it seemed mad to rush it so it’s still under way and will hopefully be available early in 2013. The book will now be bigger in physical size as well as having more portraits inside. The overall product will be much better than the original plan which can only be good!

You can purchase one here:

The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust charity calendar we worked on is now available and is being snapped up. They are only £6 and it gives us great pride to think that the idea that Simon had to do something worthwhile for the local Cheshire charity has proved to be a huge success. Thanks to the support of individuals and local companies every single penny of profit the calendars make goes straight to the Farm! Nantwich Town FC are very supportive of the calendar and have allowed us to sell the calendars at the Marine game on December 29th. Adam, featured in the calendar, whose mum Lorraine did all the organisation for the calendar, will lead the team out as mascot!

All of our bespoke wedding books arrived in good time from Italy and have been delivered to happy clients! It’s been really good to see the final products and get them to the happy couples in good time for Christmas. All the books were designed by Tina exactly how the customer wanted! We’ve also taken quite a few orders for parent books, which are duplicates of the main wedding books and make ideal Christmas presents!!

And as we get closer and closer to Christmas it’s a good time to let everyone know we offer gift vouchers. If you are interested, just get in touch!!

Sham 69 & Chris Ramsey

Well it’s been a busy week for us here at Simon J. Newbury Photography! I’m pleased to say we are due to receive our bespoke wedding albums from Italy ready in time for Christmas! We also have our event albums on their way. All the books have been lovingly designed by Tina and its a good feeling when they are with the printers in good time to meet the Christmas deadline.

We’ve got the first of our family photo days out of the way. We had a good time at Nantwich Town on Sunday and have loads of lovely photos. Our next family, kids and pets photo day will be held in Crewe at Via Dance Studios on Middlewich Street. It will be on Sunday 9th December and places are still available and can be booked now! You can get prints or canvasses and they will all be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas!

Music Promo Photography in Cheshire: Sham 69

Sham 69 Promo image

Meanwhile Simon has been down at the Box for a photoshoot with Sham 69 followed by photographing their show. A great gig once again! Tina is at the Box every Friday photographing all the local bands!

Cheshire Comedian Portrait Photography in Cheshire

Chris Ramsey Portrait

After Sham 69 it was on to the Civic Hall in Nantwich for the Feeling Lucky Tour with Chris Ramsey. Chris was in Nantwich last year and Simon was there to photograph the show and do a portrait shoot. Since then Chris has gone on to star in a host of comedy shows and has starred as the lead in the BBC sitcom Hebburn.

The Urban Portrait project is still underway with a book planned in the new year. you can always check out the latest info about the project at the dedicated website: 

Children’s Adventure Farm Fundraising Calendar 2013

Well now Boxjam is all done and dusted and the money raised is safely deposited with the local Crewe Oxfam shop all ready to go to work making a difference I decided I wanted to get another charity fundraising project off the ground.

I had long been thinking of a project which helped to raise awareness of disabilities as well as raised some funds for a good cause. I came up with the idea of a charity calendar. I spoke to  my good friend Lorraine who herself has a son with Down’s Syndrome. She loved the idea and within 24 hours had a set of willing models and a majority of the sponsorship needed to make the project a reality.

CAFT Mascot Bobby with Wendy & Wesley from the Wacky Warehouse

We had a meeting at The Children’s Adventure Farm based in Cheshire and that charity will be the beneficiary of all the funds the calendar makes.

We held a photo day at the Farm and all the images have now been taken and the calendar is at design stage and is all set to be ordered this week so we can get selling them in good time for Christmas! They will be priced at just £6 and as mentioned, all the money we raise will go to the good work of the Farm! It really has been a wonderful project and Tina and myself have met some wonderful people along the way!

Even a Polar Bear got in on the action at the CAFT Calendar shoot!

We also have 2 Family Photo Days coming up if you are thinking of getting some photos for Christmas. The first is on 25th November and will be held at Nantwich Town Football Club (where I am of course the official club photographer). There are a few places left if you want to book a sitting! The other is in Crewe at Via Dance studios on Middlewich Street. The slots are available between 10AM and 4PM and you can book by either phoning 01270 581315 (messages may be left!!) or by email on The photos can be family, pets, kids, whatever you like!!

Family Photo Day at Nantwich Town

All prints and canvasses from the shoots will be delivered in time for Christmas!

Boxjam IV

Well it’s October so that means Boxjam. Now proudly in it’s fourth year the mazing charity event I dreamed up in 2009 will take place at The Box, Crewe on Sunday 28th October.

This year the event is a 1 day affair and will traverse three stages. We have 40 acts playing across those stages and we have also decided to throw open the doors and make it a free event. Obviously the name of the game is to raise money for Oxfam so we’ll be hoping for donations and raffle ticket purchases to raise as much and move us up towards £2000 raised by Boxjam over the years!

We’ll of course be on hand taking all the official photos for the event as well as managing the acts and the running of the day!

Doors are at noon and the music runs all day! Hopefully you can come along and support the team!

Meanwhile I have announced a special Family, Kids & Pets Photo day at Nantwich Town FC on Sunday November 25th. Come along and have your kids, newborn, the family or pets photographed. All the prints will be delivered in good time for Christmas! There are limited places for people to come along and have a set of photos taken. You could opt for a 12×8 print for just £20 or consider one of our competitively priced packages (starting at £59) or a stretch framed canvass. There is no sitting fee so do get in touch to reserve your slot! I’ll also have my wedding books on display if anyone fancies a look!

Meanwhile I had a set of images published in The Weekend Sentinel Magazine. They did a special feature on the baby bump Paint & Portrait Package. They featured a set of images of mums-to-be with their painted bellies!

Urban Portrait Book

Progress is being made in the Urban Portrait Book project. We have had discussions with a local publisher and we are confident we can go to press. We are looking for sponsors to help fund the initial run so any local businesses interested in getting involved are more than welcome!

It’s been a varied and busy time of late. The traditional wedding season has concluded and we had a very lovely visit to Wallasey Town Hall. Our bespoke books have started arriving from Italy and have been delivered to happy clients! We’ve had lots of comments on the wonderful layout created by Tina using her Graphic Design skills to the full!

As well finishing a last few Urban Portraits for the book we have had a few musician promo shoots. Tim Gallagher is finalising his recording and we had a great, if slightly chilly, shoot in Hassall Green beside a canal. Looking forward to hearing the EP and seeing the final artwork which will be designed by Tina! We’ve also been lucky to visit Whitby Morrison in Crewe for a shoot with Shaun & The Special Sauce. Whitby Morrison are the worlds leading manufacturer of ice cream vans. I’m also pleased to say that the company are sponsoring the Urban Portraits book. By bizarre coincidence straight after the shoot with Shaun I headed over to Nantwich Town for some press photos of Ed Whitby and Nantwich Town Chairman Jon Gold as Whitby Morrisson are sponsoring a stand at the Weaver!

I was also commissioned to photograph the recent Labour Party Conference held in Manchester. I produced a set of press photos covering the event and some of the fringe events. The highlight for me was meeting and photographing Eddie Izzard! I also got to photograph Lord Coe and Jonathan Edwards!

I am available for press work and I have recently been undertaking a variety of commissions for Cheshire East Council. I’ve been to Knutsford, Macclesfield, Handforth, Nantwich and Crewe to photograph a variety of events!

I’m also available for private commissions for Urban Portraits. If you would like to be photographed, please get in touch. I now have a site dedicated to the project:

I am also organising a day of family/ kids/ pets photos in Nantwich. It will be a special event where you can come along and have a set of photos, then order online with delivery guaranteed by Christmas. More info to follow soon!!